Flipping Out

January 2018

Episode 5 (DSI: Design Scene Investigation)

3.0 81 x
When the design team puts the finishing touches on George Eads' residence, it finds out the "CSI" actor has a sensitive side; Jeff needs to find his own place in which to live and work, but a rainstorm threatens to wash away his plans.

Episode 4 (It's Sabotage)

3.0 36 x
While Jeff and his crew organize an epic furniture catalogue shoot, he and Gage decide to put their dream home on the market.

Episode 3 (Womb For Rent)

4.0 41 x
Jeff and Gage decide to use an egg donor and a surrogate to help them realize their dream of having a baby.
December 2017

Episode 1 (What the Flip!)

4.0 43 x
After firing employees, Jeff expands his design empire while delegating more work to his remaining staff members than they can handle; everything blows up in Jeff's face leading to one of his largest meltdowns of all time.
April 2017

Episode 10 (Retreat)

3.0 73 x
The Jeff Lewis Design team arrives in rural New Mexico to hopefully ease their issues with one another. As they undergo a series of therapy sessions and team building exercises, conflicts rise to an explosive confrontation between staff members.
March 2017

Ep 9 No Respect

3.0 65 x
Using Dr. Donna's advice, Jenni attempts to restore order in the office by instituting a policy of mutual respect. Meanwhile, Jeff must calm George and Monika Eads who have become nervous over the escalating budget.

Ep 7 I Want You Back

3.0 42 x
Many of Jeff's large design jobs resume while Jenni is on maternity leave, forcing Megan step in as his executive assistant. His work life is complicated by Chaz Dean's business manager, Nuria, who refuses to raise his budget.

Ep 6 Flipping Nashville

4.0 53 x
Just as Jeff is about to put Gramercy on the market, his client and good friend, Jeanne Shaw, asks him to fly to Nashville to help her buy a new home. Jeff leaves Megan in charge of the office, but she meets resistance from Zoila.

Ep 5 Due Date

4.0 44 x
As Jenni's due date arrives, Jeff becomes increasingly interested in the birthing process. He also juggles design jobs for celebrity client, actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar and the challenging Lisa G, senior executive producer of "Extra."
February 2017

Ep 4 Back Flipping

3.0 47 x
As project delays drag on, Jeff becomes increasingly frustrated. An indecisive new client adds to his aggravation, ultimately leading him to decide that he wants to go back into the flipping business where he has control over his own projects.