Flipping Out


Ep 6 Bad Move

3.0 3 x
Jeff and Gage's relationship is on the rocks when Jeff decides to move to an interim house instead of the dream home they've been remodeling for a year. Meanwhile, Jenni tries to lose weight for her wedding after Jeff's persistent needling.

Ep 5 House Of Lies

4.0 4 x
In the wake of Andrew's abrupt departure, Jeff and Jenni scramble to cover the work he's left undone. Meanwhile, Jeff finds himself underpaid and overworked on a project where he's forced to manage an uncooperative contractor.

Ep 4 The Talented Mr. Coleman

3.0 14 x
In the wake of a serious performance review, Andrew desperately tries to prove to Jeff that he's deserving of his job by taking over a project with a tight deadline.

Ep 3 Drawing The Line

3.0 8 x
Jeff faces off with a tough new client over budgetary issues while trying to convince her to expand her remodel. Meanwhile the new assistant, Andrew, finds himself in hot water when he steps over boundaries of inappropriate business behaviour.

Ep 2 Showdown in Chi Town

3.0 11 x
While trying to convince his favorite client, Jeanne Shaw, to undertake a major remodel of her home, Jeff realizes that Jenni is in way over her head planning her upcoming wedding in Chicago.
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