Flipping Vegas

August 2019

Episode 9 (Ugly Coyote House)

4.7 161 x
Scott purchases an abandoned home on the outskirts of Las Vegas that comes complete with unwelcome houseguests.
July 2019

Episode 8 (Yancey's Eleven)

4.0 79 x
Scott tackles the biggest project of his career when he purchases 11 unfinished villas in Lake Las Vegas and attempts to flip them all within 45 days.

Episode 7 (Class Action House)

3.0 76 x
Scott purchases a mould-infested home and hopes to secure renovation funds from a class-action lawsuit over recalled plumbing.

Episode 6 (Chop House)

4.0 55 x
Scott learns that his latest project, an unassuming home on a public golf course, was previous used as a chop-shop junkyard.

Episode 5 (Red Rock House)

4.0 43 x
Scott develops chest pains following a dispute with Amie over the work required for a large home in a fancy golf community.
June 2019

Episode 4 (Stink House)

4.0 51 x
Scott and his workers are stymied in their efforts to remove a nauseating stench during a house flip.

Episode 3 (Haunted House)

4.0 56 x
Scott must use unusual methods after his latest purchase presents problems of an other-worldly nature.

Episode 1 (Grow House)

4.0 79 x
Scott purchases a home that has legal issues, but he soon needs legal help of his own to avoid federal drug charges.