Food Obsessed

Food Obsessed catch up

September 2019

5. Franks for the Memories

4.0 13 x
Who needs a hamburger when you can have a hot dog? Food obsessed is searching high and low for hot dogs, frankfurters and sausages that will blow your mind.

6. How We Roll

4.0 18 x
Food lovers of the world unite! We're bringing our biggest appetites and digging into the world's tastiest meals for this ultimate guide to all things food.

3. Say Cheese!

4.0 44 x
America's cheesiest dishes just got even cheesier and food obsessed is here to find them.

4. Oodles Of Noodles

4.0 27 x
Food obsessed is exploring the endless options for noodles. We've prepared our appetites for everything from noodles swimming in marinara sauce to noodles fried to perfection.

1. Master Pizzas

4.0 15 x
Not all pizzas are created equal so food obsessed is seeking out the sauciest, cheesiest, most delicious pizza concoctions ever created. We're going to be biting into everything.

2. Lard Have Mercy

3.0 23 x
Dive headfirst into a giant vat of deep-fried deliciousness. We're sinking our teeth into everything from those southern staples to freaky fair food.