Food Safari

May 2019

S4 Ep2

3.0 0 x
Maeve O'Meara explores the country considered the gourmet destination of South America - Peru - and its infiltration into Australian culture. She meets chef Alejandro Saravia who shows her some of the key ingredients of Peruvian cuisine, including chillies, corn, potato and the high protein grain of the Andes - quinoa. Mae...

S4 Ep1

3.0 0 x
Maeve O'Meara explores the many cuisines of Darwin, including recipes from the city's large Greek population, the numerous Asian fares represented in the area as well as classics from local Indigenous cooks. From Chinese inspired fresh mud crab steamed with rice wine, to barramundi cooked in paperbark on a perfect beach, a...

S3 Ep9 - Jewish

3.0 1 x
In the final episode, Maeve O'Meara explores the delicious and complex world of Jewish food - full of age-old traditions and customs. She visits kosher butcher shops and fish shops in Melbourne and Sydney, with food preparation supervised by a rabbi. She samples sweet plaited bread challah and bagels; vibrant borscht (beet...

S3 Ep8 - USA

3.0 2 x
Maeve O'Meara discovers some of the vast range of flavours and dishes that can be found across the USA. Sydney chef George Francisco whips up his legendary Chesapeake Bay crab cakes with a spicy Cajun remoulade. Maeve then learns some of the secrets of the American barbecue from Brisbane restaurateur Steve Johnson. And in ...

S3 Ep7 - Syrian

3.0 0 x
Syrian food is one of the most vibrant cuisines of the Middle East, full of herbs, spices and traditions stretching back many generations. Maeve O'Meara meets up with restaurateur Amal Malouf to get an explanation of the essential ingredients to make traditional dishes. Chef Carol Salloum takes Maeve through the classic me...
April 2019

S3 Ep6 - African

3.0 0 x
Maeve O'Meara visits a bakery that cooks Ethiopian injera bread which is used with many spicy stews. Nigerian Kunle Adesua introduces Maeve to a range of African ingredients and then cooks up a delicious one pot jolloff rice dish with tender cubes of fish and vegetables. Chef Bathie Dia from Senegal shares the secrets of h...

S3 Ep5 - English

3.0 0 x
Without roast beef, pork pies and rollmops, empires would never have been made. Maeve O'Meara explores the intricacies and etiquette of English food from a perfect afternoon tea to good old fish and chips. Sydney chef Matthew Kemp takes Maeve on a tour through the essential ingredients and then whips up a sensational summe...

S3 Ep4 - Persian

Expired 5.0 1 x
Maeve O'Meara enters the saffron-scented realm of Persian food - one of the most ancient cuisines on earth. She discovers the secrets to cooking tender kebabs, how the rosewater iced dessert faloodeh is made, and why the Persian rice dish zereshk polow is so adored.

S3 Ep3 - German

Expired 3.0 1 x
Maeve O'Meara meets up with chef Detlef Haupt, who reveals the essential ingredients in traditional German cooking and later prepares one of his favourite dishes, sauerbraten served with potato dumplings and tasty cabbage. Butcher Stefan Birmilli guides us through German sausages. Michael Vieh cooks a hearty lentil soup tr...

S3 Ep2 - Egyptian

Expired 3.0 4 x
Join Maeve O'Meara as she explores the nourishing foods of Egypt and discovers the country's favourite dishes. Maeve meets chef Ramy Megalaa who introduces the key ingredients in Egyptian cooking and prepares an aromatic fish tagine. She also learns what to expect from a traditional Egyptian breakfast, including the popula...