Food Safari

Season 2

S2 Ep6 - Pakistani Safari

3.0 3 x
This episode features Pakistani dishes that are loved around the world. Chef Sonya Kayani makes a version of biryani using goat curry, which she layers with saffron and plain basmati rice. Restaurateur Basil Daniell runs through the key ingredients, herbs and spices, and shares a very easy lamb dumpling recipe adapted with...

S2 Ep5 - Maltese Safari

3.0 2 x
This episode explores a different take on Mediterranean cooking with the rustic delights of Maltese food. Chef Paul Camilleri goes through the essential ingredients, and then cooks his family recipe for the national dish of rabbit stew. Then it's time for the national snack food, pastizzi, and the national sandwich called ...

S2 Ep4 - Indonesian Safari

3.0 4 x
Maeve plunges into the vibrant spicy world of Indonesian food with chef Rohanna Halim, who heads an all-girl kitchen team at her restaurant in Sydney. Rohanna demonstrates the key ingredients needed for Indonesian cooking and makes spicy chilli sauce. Fellow chef Alina Lucas cooks an easy chicken curry while 'Aunty' Wahwan...

S2 Ep3 - French Safari Part 2

3.0 3 x
Chef Guillaume Brahimi gives Maeve a guide to essential fresh ingredients - from herbs to vegetables - then shows how to cook the perfect steak and the potatoes. Philippe Mouchel then makes a lamb navarin served with a celeriac and truffle puree. Maeve also meets cheese expert Eric Moschietto and learns that there are so m...

S2 Ep2 - French Safari Part 1

3.0 1 x
Maeve meets up with top chef Guillaume Brahimi, owner and chef of Bennelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House. He gives the rundown on the essential French ingredients - great butter and salt (both French), bread, fresh herbs, mustard and cheeses. He cooks up a beef bourguignon, and shares the secrets of the perfect pot...

Season 2 Episode 1 - Japanese Safari

4.0 3 x
Maeve joins legendary restaurateur Tetsuya Wakuda, who gives tips on the key ingredients in Japanese cooking and makes a simple marinade using just five ingredients, including his favourite miso paste. Top restaurateur Kimitata Azuma makes a fast and easy fresh tuna salad, and home-cook Yuki Totsuka shows how to make miso ...
Season 1

S1 Ep13 - Spanish Safari

4.0 3 x
Spanish Safari - You can smell the heady scents of saffron, paprika and garlic as host Maeve O'Meara investigates the key ingredients needed to create a Spanish pantry and visits chefs and home-cooks to gather some easy recipes. Learn about the art of Spanish tapas and join Carlos Lopez, a master of the no-fuss paella whic...

S1 Ep12 - Turkish Safari

3.0 10 x
Turkish Safari - Host Maeve O'Meara visits an emporium filled with ingredients for Turkish cooking with her friend chef Serif Kaya. Esma Koroglu discusses the Turkish love of colourful dips and whips up two beauties - a beetroot dip and a carrot dip. Ishil Ihtiyar then makes a salad of golden roasted eggplant and a bulgar ...

S1 Ep11 - Mexican Safari

3.7 1 x
Mexican Safari - Mexican cuisine is one of the most ancient and developed on earth. In tonight's episode, Mexican expatriates in Australia welcome Maeve O'Meara into their kitchens to explain some of the recipes and tips. (Commissioned by SBS) (Food Series) (Rpt) G CC

S1 Ep10 - Lebanese

3.0 3 x
Lebanese - This week Maeve O'Meara goes in search of the fresh green flavours of Lebanese food when she visits one of her favourite Middle Eastern emporiums with master chef Greg Malouf. There, she discovers how to choose the best tahini, yoghurt, burgul, chick peas and spice mixes for use in the Lebanese kitchen. Later, M...