Food Safari Water


Season 1 Episode 13 -Festive Fish

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Food Safari Water celebrates the hearty deliciousness of seafood with touch-your-heart dishes and stories .


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Celebrating the whole snapper, this Lebanese bake uses the homemade fish and onion stock for the cooking of the rice. It's an epic dish to celebrate incredible fish and the tarator of tahini and lemon juice will be hard to ignore when this Lebanese-style pilaf lands on the table. Food Safari Water

Season 1 Episode 12 - Feel Good Fish

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Food Safari Water celebrates the hearty deliciousness of seafood with touch-your-heart dishes and stories from northern England, Lebanon, Portugal, and Sri Lanka. A cheese and leek topped pie made with perfect white fish, smoked fish, salmon, and plump prawns in a rich béchamel sauce baked in the oven and brought steaming ...

Fish pie

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This English classic originated in small fishing villages as a way of using up the surplus catch. Laden with butter and cheese, this is deeply satisfying comfort food. Food Safari Water

Russian beetroot salad with smoked eel

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Eels are something that not everyone has close contact with. Alla Wolf Tasker shares a piece of her Russian heritage where smoked seafood is a staple and like most Russian salads, where beetroot reigns supreme. Food Safari Water

Season 1 Episode 11 - Freshwater

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Food Safari Water celebrates freshwater fish with recipes for the legendary Murray cod plus eels, mountain trout, and yabbies. Tasmanian-based chef Masaaki Koyama (Masaaki’s Sushi Geeveston) heads out in the misty mornings on the Huon River to haul up nets set the night before, later grilling his catch and brushing with a ...

Season 1 Episode 9 - Preserved

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Maeve explores how preserving fish creates whole new worlds of flavour - in smoked salmon, bottarga, and XO sauce. Food Safari Water captures the sheer adventure of one of the world’s great marine migrations with dramatic scenes netting the abundance of fish on Queensland’s Kirra Beach.

Season 1 Episode 8 - One Pot

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The simplicity of cooking and serving seafood in one pot is a hallmark of cuisines around the world. Chef Angie Hong shares the secrets of Vietnamese clay pot cooking, starting with a visit to a supplier in Cabramatta with live fish.

Season 1 Episode 7 - Shellfish

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Shark-defying scallop diver Paulie Polacco braves cold water and strong currents to harvest some of the world’s most prized queen scallops off Kangaroo Island, adored for their purple roe and savoury taste with a hint of nutty sweetness. Adelaide-based Calabrese chef Salvatore Pepe (Pepe’s Cucina) uses queen scallops to cr...


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The Japanese dedication to the bounty of the sea is seen in so many dishes. The umami-rich kelp, in the form of dried kombu combined with dried smoked bonito shavings make the all-purpose stock, dashi - the basis of much of the cuisine. and this chawanmushi - a dish of chicken, shiitake and a scallop fish cake. Food Safari...