Forbidden: Dying For Love

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Forbidden: Dying For Love

A Filipino woman falls for a married US Navy Officer, but this man will do anything to keep his money and his mistress.

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Season 1
Two teenagers play with fire when they enter into a secret relationship against a father intent on ending their storybook romance.
Mary Crockett, an inmate in a West Virginia jail falls in love with a guard, but their love comes at a tragic cost.
A college student enters into a secret affair with a married police officer. When the secrets are close to becoming revealed, the consequences prove deadly.
Chris and his wife are experiencing a nasty divorce. Proceedings turn deadly when Chris' wife discovers he is having an affair with his secretary.
Two Iraqi American teenagers are from two feuding households. Marwan proposes to Noor, which is seen as the ultimate dishonour to Noor's father.