Foreign Correspondent: The Rise Of China

Season 2020

Season 2020, Episode 5 - Tales Of A City

4.0 6 x
What do China's own people think about where their country is going? What do they make of Xi Jinping, his economic reforms and his quashing of dissent? In 2015 Stephen McDonell asked seven people in the old capital Nanjing.

Season 2020, Episode 3 - Reef Madness - Spratly Islands

4.0 13 x
In 2014 Eric Campbell visited a place few experience, the Spratly Islands, in the middle of the oil-rich South China Sea. Many of the so called 'islets' have been built up by competing nations to bolster claims of ownership.

Season 2020, Episode 2 - The Other China Boom

3.0 5 x
In 2013 Stephen McDonell visited a hidden corner of Asia where two dramatically different and rapidly changing nations collided, to report on a disturbing trade that endangered lives around the world, including in Australia.

Season 2020, Episode 6 - Generation Left Behind

3.0 16 x
More than 60 million Chinese children are growing up without their parents, paying the price of their country's dash to prosperity. In 2016 Matthew Carney reported on the generation left behind.

Season 2020, Episode 9 - Death-metal Diplomacy

3.0 6 x
Is Taiwan the region's next flashpoint? In 2019 as protestors in Hong Kong fought the rising power of China, a younger generation of Taiwanese confronted an increasingly hardline attitude from its nearest neighbour.

Season 2020, Episode 8 - Leave No Dark Corner

4.0 21 x
Matthew Carney explores how China combines Big Brother and Big Data. Since 2018 every citizen is being watched and their behaviour scored in the most ambitious and sophisticated system of social control in history.

Season 2020, Episode 7 - Tipping Point

4.0 11 x
China sent Australia's recycling industry into a spin in 2018 when it banned most waste imports to instead tackle its home-grown rubbish crisis. Bill Birtles looks at China's own war on waste and asks: is it winning?

Season 2020, Episode 4 - Crackdown - Xinjiang

4.0 17 x
In 2014, Stephen McDonell reported on China's crackdown on a resident Muslim community in the remote northwest of the country in what it claims is its own war on terror.

Season 2020, Episode 1 - The Ka-ching! Dynasty

4.5 74 x
Over the past decade Foreign Correspondent has reported on the Rise of China during the Xi Jinping era. In 2012 Stephen McDonell met the super-rich, as the number of millionaires and billionaires grew at a staggering rate.