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August 2016
A satirical take on the news and media landscape and the depiction of gender.
Sam Tucker teaches you how to memorise a deck of cards, without knowing how to memorise a deck of cards
Gary is a simple, everypotato who experiences an abrupt political awakening at the hands of Brittany the tin of cat food. Life in the pantry is cruel and short, or is it?
Terry finds himself in a difficult situation when he gives Patrick's comb to a homeless man.
Join 85-year-old tech entrepreneur "Pops" as he pitches his fresh new pay TV service - POPSTEL.
July 2016
A criminal warlord is kicked off his mixed netball team.
Dreams come true when Jordan and Lee pitch the idea of a lifetime to Australian musical icon Kate Ceberano. Benny wears a bald cap.
Charlie receives an invitation to play at Tall Paul's Small Bar but there is no address or time. Luckily Elias knows how to get there.
It's been thirty nine years since married couple Lyn and Brian performed the Longest Kiss in the World's History, locking lips for a total 38hrs 26mins 40secs. They haven't kissed since. When a letter arrives telling them their record has been broken, they are forced to revive their love life in order to reclaim their reco...
A camera crew arrives at the wrong house to film a documentary on weird addictions.
Nigel Nailer, an unhinged rogue prone to elaborate 'role playing' and Vietnam flashbacks and his partner Percy Brown, a goofy Kiwi in double denim, tackle the challenge of turning soft drink Solo into a man's drink.
June 2015
Wil Anderson presents more of the funniest comedy sketches from the Fresh Blood initiative. Visit ABC iview to see more. (Final)
Wil Anderson introduces some of the best new Australian comedy sketches from the Fresh Blood initiative. Includes Crazy Bastards - a parody of Mad Men looking at how Aussie icon "Solo Man" was dreamt up.
Showcasing the most exciting up and coming sketch comedy in Australia. Hear the embarrassingly honest thoughts people think when in bed together. See what happens when a camera crew arrives at the wrong house; and more.