Fresh Blood

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3.0 47 x
A satirical take on the news and media landscape and the depiction of gender.

Sam's How To's

3.0 41 x
Sam Tucker teaches you how to memorise a deck of cards, without knowing how to memorise a deck of cards

The Comestibles

3.0 53 x
Gary is a simple, everypotato who experiences an abrupt political awakening at the hands of Brittany the tin of cat food. Life in the pantry is cruel and short, or is it?

Corn Cobs

3.0 20 x
Terry finds himself in a difficult situation when he gives Patrick's comb to a homeless man.

Touched By An Angle Grinder

3.0 33 x
Join 85-year-old tech entrepreneur "Pops" as he pitches his fresh new pay TV service - POPSTEL.
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