Frisky Dingo

January 2015

S2 Ep12 - Differences Are Put Slightly Aside

Expired 3.0 57 x
Differences Are Put Slightly Aside - Killface and Xander track Wendell, who, in more ways than one, is riding Cody II to the Annihilatrix. The Deceptacles tend to "more important matters." (From the US) (Animation Series) MAV(S,V)

S2 Ep11 - Cody Gains A Namesake

Expired 3.0 35 x
Cody Gains A Namesake - Antagone gives birth, Xander Crews meets the daughter he never knew he had, and three cast members are killed. From the US (Animation) MA(V,S)
December 2014

S2 Ep10 - Wendell Goes Undercover Again

Expired 3.0 58 x
Wendell Goes Undercover Again - Killface and Simon attempt to repair the burnt couplings on the Annihilatrix, while Stan and Taquil attempt an escape from their shot-down plane. Meanwhile, Sinn and Val ask Watley to kill Antagone, due to increasing strains on their relationships with Antagone. From the US (Animation) MAV

S2 Ep9 - A Take On Hooper

Expired 3.0 48 x
A Take on Hooper - Sinn and her 'Sisterhood of Chaos' (consisting of Valerie, Antagone, Watley and the Decepticles, formerly the Xtacles) claim the Annihilatrix as their own to hold the world hostage. President Taqu'il, Xander and Killface separately plan their own offensives to stop them. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (S,V)

S2 Ep8 - The Debate, Part 2

Expired 3.0 54 x
The Debate (Part 2) - While Killface prepares for the Presidential debate, Xander makes a few stops with Ronnie before he arrives. Both Xander and Killface come to realize that neither of them are qualified or allowed to run for the Presidency due to Constitutional provisions they've both overlooked. Killface decides to follow up on his original plan to destroy the world. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (S,V)

S2 Ep7 - The Debate, Part 1

Expired 3.0 54 x
The Debate (Part 1) - Killface plans for the upcoming debate with Dottie, while Wendell looks into alternative campaign funds. Awesome X finds himself a prisoner along with Ronnie on board Xcalibur. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (S,V)

S2 Ep6 - The Middle

Expired 3.0 56 x
The Middle - Killface begins to recuperate after the rocket incident while Xander again attempts to recruit Fred Dryer as his running mate, only to find that Sinn has taken over the Xtacles. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (S,V)

S2 Ep5 - The Miracle

Expired 3.0 110 x
The Miracle - After Valerie miraculously fails at another assassination attempt, Killface finds God and quickly ruins his campaign. Upon hearing that Simon is a homosexual, Killface renounces Christianity as a missile strikes him in the chest. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (S,V)

S2 Ep4 - The Image Problem

Expired 3.0 47 x
The Image Problem - Xander Crews and Killface both try to improve their images by going duck hunting, which Xander cannot distinguish from his annual panda hunt, but the two manage to re-connect when they get lost after an assassination ploy by Valerie. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (V,S)

S2 Ep3 - The Issues

Expired 3.0 186 x
The Issues - Xander Crews proposes Fred Dryer as his running mate after gaining the Republican nomination for President. Aboard his new campaign jet (as opposed to Killface's campaign bus), Crews outlines his ppolicies to improve education and alleviate illegal immigration. (From the US) (Animated Comedy Series) MAV (V,S)