From Dusk Till Dawn

August 2016

S2 Ep10 - Santa Sangre

Expired 3.5 18 x
Santa Sangre - Seth and Santanico clash with Richie over his betrayal, while Carlos and Scott aim to take Malvado’s empire and unleash culebra frenzy on the world. (S.2 Ep.10) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep9 - There Will Be Blood

Expired 3.0 6 x
There Will Be Blood - Santanico confronts Malvado with Seth’s help, while Richie and Kate must stop Carlos and Scott from overturning the ancient prophecy and taking control of a powerful evil. (S.2 Ep.9) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep8 - The Last Temptation Of Richard Gecko

Expired 3.0 10 x
The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko - As the pieces of the big job fall into place, the uneasy trust between brothers and partners crumbles in the light of betrayals and new loyalties. (S.2 Ep.8) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep7 - Bring Me The Head Of Santanico Pandemonium

Expired 3.0 9 x
(S.2 Ep.7) With Uncle Eddie's help, Richie and Seth hatch a plan to complete Santanico's revenge and walk away with the score of a lifetime. #SBS2

S2 Ep6 - Bizarre Tales

Expired 3.0 50 x
Bizarre Tales - Following the trail of the mass grave, Freddie and Kate uncover epic secrets and confront Oculto, a reclusive and dangerous Lord. Seth and Richie take the girls on a double date, and Carlos lets go of the past. (S.2 Ep.6) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep5 - Bondage

Expired 3.0 20 x
Bondage - Richie and Seth call a truce and work together to find Malvado’s headquarters. Carlos, unhinged from the Labyrinth, abducts Santanico and claims her for himself. And Kate enlists Freddie’s help as she attempts to save her brother. (S.2 Ep.5) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep4 - The Best Little Horror House In Texas

Expired 3.0 20 x
The Best Little Horror House In Texas - Kate hunts down Scott in Bethel before he can exact revenge. In Houston, Richie and Santanico find themselves deep in the flesh trade, while Seth tries to get back in Uncle Eddie's good graces. (S.2 Ep.4) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep3 - Attack Of The 50 Ft. Sex Machine

Expired 3.0 15 x
Attack of the 50ft. Sex Machine - Richie and Santanico pose as sex traffickers to infiltrate Malvado's food supply, while Sonja forces Seth to kick his drug habit. Meanwhile, Freddie faces off with Sex Machine, who attacks his family to retrieve the codex. (S.2 Ep.3) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep2 - In A Dark Time

Expired 3.0 23 x
In A Dark Time - Seth and Kate pull off a heist, while Ranger Freddie Gonzalez confronts nightmarish visions that lead to a gruesome discovery. Back at the Twister, Carlos’s emergence from the Labyrinth sets Malvado’s plans into motion. (S.2 Ep.2) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)

S2 Ep1 - Opening Night

Expired 3.0 39 x
Opening Night - Season two explores a new chapter in this supernatural crime saga that expands the universe of our story across two borders, from Mexico to the edgy, tricked-out Texas. Three months after freeing Santanico from the Titty Twister, the Gecko Brothers are still on the run. Seth and Kate are lost in Mexico, while Richie and Santanico plot vengeance on the culebra Lord who imprisoned her. (S.2 Ep.1) (From the US) (Drama Series) (Class. tba)