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Season 1

Series 1 Ep 20

3.0 36 x
Squiglet draws a crab called Herman who is starting to outgrow his shell, so they take a trip to the beach to see if they can find anything for Herman to live in.

Series 1 Ep 19

3.0 21 x
Squiglet uses a bumpy line to draw a giant girl called Hyacinth who doesn't have any friends to play with. All the other children run away when they see a giant.

Series 1 Ep 18

4.0 36 x
Squiglet draws a tortoise called Tiloo who's on his way to a race with Harry, a speedy hare. Harry beats Tiloo every time with the help of his rocket-powered trainers.

Series 1 Ep 17

3.0 29 x
Squiglet draws a scarecrow, and helps him find ways to keep the crows from getting at the farmer's corn. With some help from his Squiggle Pad, Squiglet has to find something that the crows will find even tastier.

Series 1 Ep 16

4.0 18 x
Squiglet draws an elephant called Eleanor who makes the loudest trumpet sound in the jungle. The other jungle creatures are annoyed that they never get a moment's peace with Eleanor honking all the time.

Series 1 Ep 15

4.0 19 x
Squiglet meets a fairy with a problem - she can't stop sneezing. Every time she sneezes, she causes fairy magic to go everywhere. Squiglet needs to find out what's causing it before the fairy sneezes herself out of her home.

Series 1 Ep 14

4.0 24 x
Squiglet draws a monster called Maurice who is all excited about a sleepover at Granny Monster's cave, but Maurice isn't tired so Squiglet scribbles a bedtime story book.

Series 1 Ep 13

4.0 20 x
Squiglet is a monster who lives in a plain white world, but with the help of his crayon Squiggle Sticks it doesn't stay white for long.

Series 1 Ep 12

4.0 27 x
Squiglet and Big Boots set off into the desert and Squiglet scribbles Lizzie's face on a wanted poster, and discovers that Lizzie has gone to a barn dance.

Series 1 Ep 11

4.0 22 x
Squiglet uses a straight line to draw a little bird called Photo Phil who just loves taking pictures. They head off to the jungle and meet a crocodile, but he won't smile for the camera.