Globe Guides


Season 1 episode 1

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Travel across time and around the world to the wild and ancient festival known as Mardi Gras.

Season 3 episode 10

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Ian Wright and Justine Shapiro head to South America to get a look at the world's widest and tallest waterfalls.

Season 3 episode 11

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From the bizarrely themed to the bizarrely constructed, take a look at the world's maddest collection of overnight stays on the planet.

Season 3 episode 12

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Get up close and personal to some of the planets most extreme and endangered reptiles and predators.

Season 3 episode 5

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Join Adela Ucar, Megan McCormick and Bobby Chin to observe works by modernist pioneers, and the post-impressionist movement as well as visiting the latest cosmopolitan installations around the world.

Season 3 episode 9

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Take a guided tour around the world's film industries, from the blockbuster productions of Hollywood, to the energetic pace of Bollywood in India.

Season 3 episode 4

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In this cultural tour of the world's greatest art galleries and museums, we take a close look at the most renowned classical masterpieces.

August 23, 2014

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Learn about the towering buildings of the great financial centres of London and New York before turning to the Far East and the Petronas Towers and Building 101.

Season 2 episode 10

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Journey through the classic Old World wine countries of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Season 2 episode 2

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Megan McCormick heads to Venice, Ian Wright takes a trip up to Pisa and visits its leaning tower whilst Tyler Florence heads over to the Montalcino region for a spot of relaxing and wine tasting.