Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

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Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

Dave and the team take on an all-hands push hoping for rich ground; both men and machines are pushed to the breaking point.

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Season 3
Families have been reaching out to Dave Turin, asking for his help in resurrecting their failing mines.
With a 27-ounce goal, Team Turin is back on the hunt. They strike gold but will it be enough? In Montana, Dave struggles to find the crew's next lost mine.
With bonus features and added scenes -- Dave spots a clue that could lead to an epic prospect in Alaska while Jason moves the crew off questionable pay.
With bonus features and added scenes -- Dave pitches a return to Lynx Creek and Jason is hit with a bombshell that could end his Arizona adventure early.
With bonus features and added scenes -- Dave tracks down the son of an old-timer for a lead that could send the team over the top.
With bonus features and added scenes -- Increasing amounts of heavy black sand, early snow and pressure from the locals threaten to derail Team Turin's operation.
The team finally gains access to the potential motherlode in the Hummocks. However, a huge snowstorm hits Box Creek and Jason makes an alarming discovery.
With bonus features and added scenes -- the crew struggles to mine with one man down and Dave heads off for a do-or-die showdown with the local community.
To help boost production, Dave gives gold room operator Jesse Goins the opportunity he's been waiting for, to become a rock truck driver. But the crew faces a sudden tragedy.
Dave calls in Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra to troubleshoot a faulty hopper; with the vault cut running low, a local old-timer points Dave to new gold-rich ground.
As the midsummer Colorado heat bears down, Jesse heads to Montana to salvage parts from the old washplant, and Dave struggles to keep the operation together for a major gold haul.
Team foreman Jason takes a huge gamble by opening a new cut. But when the team is besieged by mishaps, Dave returns to find the team in disarray and fights.
With Dave home for his father's memorial, Team Turin makes a promise to hit it big in his honour. But with the Bank Cut running out, Jason must think outside the box.
Jason is under pressure to find a large gold deposit. But just as the job starts to get underway, Dave gets terrible news from the home front.
In 50-year-old abandoned tunnels of Lovitt Day Mine, Dave is on the hunt for the hundreds of millions of dollars of gold left in the rock.