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Hingers tackles viewer questions at the Ask Pocket desk.

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Season 2, Episode 147 17:00

Season 2, Episode 147

3.0 4 x
Today on Pocket NichBoy is joined by Hex to talk about what the ending of Playdead's Inside really means! Spoiler warning!
Season 2, Episode 133 13:00

Season 2, Episode 133

3.0 3 x
Today on Pocket NichBoy and John! Ladies and Gentlemen discuss moments in games that made them unforgettable!
Season 2, Episode 131 09:00

Season 2, Episode 131

3.0 4 x
Today on Pocket NichBoy looks at the end of a Planetside era, changes at Blizzard and this weeks new releases!
Season 2, Episode 129 10:00

Season 2, Episode 129

3.0 4 x
Today on Pocket NichBoy chats to Tony Reed, CEO of Game Developers Association of Australia, about funding Australian developers!
Season 2, Episode 122 17:00

Season 2, Episode 122

3.0 6 x
Today on Pocket NichBoy chats to Bajo about his E3 experience!
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