Good Girls Revolt

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Good Girls Revolt

Jane escorts the magazine's female publisher through the newsroom while juggling her relationship with her boyfriend and her responsibilities to her reporter, Sam.

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Season 1
Patti and Cindy meet Eleanor Holmes Norton of the ACLU, an expert at raising the consciousness of young women.
A look as the personal and professional lives of employees at an American news magazine in the 1970s.
As Jane is tapped to speak for her colleagues at the press conference, news of the EEOC complaint frays relationships in the newsroom and at home.
News of the Week is finally covering the women's movement, but by an outside writer. Patti is confronted with concrete questions about feminism, journalism, and her connections with Doug and Finn.
Doug struggles to stay professional when a story on violent crime forces him to confront long-buried emotions.
Patti celebrates her 25th birthday with a dinner party that quickly devolves into chaos - particularly for Cindy.
Patti is first to break a national story but must hand her scoop over to Doug as she enlists Eleanor's help in convincing Denise to join the lawsuit.
It's New Year's Eve at News of the Week, and Patti insists the researchers celebrate at a hip downtown party that proves a little too wild for some.
Patti butts heads with Doug over his Black Panther article while Cindy explores thrilling new sexual adventures. Both gain confidence as they work together to make headway with the EEOC complaint.