Gordon's Great Escape

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Series 2 Episode 4 Thailand

Expired 3.0 207 x
Gordon Ramsay concludes his South East Asian adventure in Thailand. He learns the secrets to a spicy sausage recipe, goes diving for oysters in Krabi, and competes against Thai celebrity chef, McDang, on national television.

Series 2 Episode 3 Malaysia

Expired 4.0 104 x
Gordon Ramsay is in Malaysia with only a week to master the country's best known dishes. From cooking authentic beef rendang to a vegetarian curry fit for a prime minister, Gordon also samples some bull penis soup.

Series 2 Episode 2 Cambodia

Expired 3.5 116 x
Gordon visits Cambodia. In the jungle he discovers a dessert fit for a restaurant, he wades through snake-infested rivers hunting for frogs, and goes in search of Cambodia's hairiest delicacy - tarantula!

Series 2 Episode 1 Vietnam

Expired 3.0 118 x
Gordon touches down in Vietnam - he's never visited the country before and soon learns that it's a nation full of fearless foodies - if it moves, the Vietnamese will eat it, and every bit of it!