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S5 Ep6 - Atlantic Twins 24:59

S5 Ep6 - Atlantic Twins

Expired 3.0 2 x
Atlantic Twins - This final episode sees Paul visiting two of the most wind swept islands on our stormy coast, the “Atlantic Twins” of Coll and Tiree. Paul learns about the famous military history of the MacLeans of Coll, tries his hand at sand yachting on Tiree and fulfils a long held am...
S5 Ep5 - Keeping It All Together 24:56

S5 Ep5 - Keeping It All Together

Expired 3.0 2 x
Keeping It All Together - There are seventy islands in the Orkney archipelago but just how much of a challenge is it to keep all these islands connected? To explore what keeps all these remote places together, Paul is island hopping from North Ronaldsay to Papa Stronsay and then onto Egis...
S5 Ep3 - A New Island Life 24:59

S5 Ep3 - A New Island Life

Expired 3.0 1 x
A New Island Life - This episode, Paul visits two Hebridean islands which are very different; Gigha and Jura. Where Gigha is lush and verdant, Jura is rugged and bleak but Paul discovers that both islands have their own unique character and charm. Paul visits the world famous Achamore gar...
S5 Ep2 - Far From The Madding Crowd 24:58

S5 Ep2 - Far From The Madding Crowd

Expired 3.0 0 x
Far From The Madding Crowd - For this grand tour Paul is exploring the Isle of Mull and its satellite islands, to discover why they have become boltholes from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Island hopping from Erraid, to Ulva; Inchkenneth to Mull, Paul end his journey at the b...
S5 Ep1 - Life At The End Of The Earth 24:59

S5 Ep1 - Life At The End Of The Earth

Expired 2.0 10 x
Life at the End of the Earth - In this first episode, Paul is travelling to the beautiful islands of Eriskay, Barra and Vatersay which are famed for their white sandy beaches and stunning scenery. He discovers that Barra’s tiny airport, set amongst the sand dunes, is the only place in the...
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