Grand Tours Of Scotland


S5 Ep5 - Keeping It All Together

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There are 70 islands in the Orkney archipelago, but just how much of a challenge is it to keep all these islands connected? To explore what keeps all these remote places together, Paul is island hopping from North Ronaldsay to Papa Stronsay and then onto Egislay before ending his journey at the most southerly of the Orkney...

S6 Ep6 - Northern Exposure: The North Isles And Out Stack

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For this final grand tour, Paul's heading as far north as you can go in Britain to the islands of Fetlar, Unst and Yell, which lie on Scotland's northern frontier. He'll sing with Shanty Yell Men, learn to 'roo' Shetland sheep the traditional way and get incredible opportunity to see up close the wild otters who make their...

S6 Ep5 - Island Solitudes: The Summer Isles, Handa And The Shiants

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For this grand tour, Paul is visiting a group of islands that are so remote they almost seem to have been forgotten by the rest of the world and are populated by just a few hardy souls. Crossing the Sea of the Hebrides Paul sets off to explore the Shiants; heads east to the romantic Isle of Ewe, and on to the Summer Isles,...

July 15, 2017

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Almost 50 kilometres from mainland Scotland, there’s a chain of low-lying islands that face the full might of the Atlantic Ocean: the Uists and Benbecula. On these islands there seems to be more water than land as a spectacular patchwork of freshwater lochs and pools pockmark the landscape. But it’s the unique ecology of t...

S5 Ep6 - Atlantic Twins

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This final episode sees Paul Murton visiting two of the most wind swept islands on our stormy coast, the 'Atlantic Twins' of Coll and Tiree. Paul learns about the famous military history of the MacLeans of Coll, tries his hand at sand yachting on Tiree and fulfils a long held ambition by making a boat trip out to the drama...

S5 Ep4 - So Near, So Far

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To begin this grand tour, Paul Murton is travelling on an icon of the west coast; an original steam powered puffer, and is exploring a string of islands just off the west coast near Oban. Paul discovers that these little known islands played a vital role in the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II and were, for centuries...

S5 Ep3 - A New Island Life

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This episode, Paul visits two Hebridean islands which are very different; Gigha and Jura. Where Gigha is lush and verdant, Jura is rugged and bleak but Paul discovers that both islands have their own unique character and charm. Paul visits the world famous Achamore gardens on Gigha, and braves the perils of the notorious C...

S6 Ep4 - Islay: A Race Apart

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Among the islands of the Hebrides, Islay claims a separate identity. Paul Murton travels from Finlaggan, where the famous ruler Somerled held court, along Islay's windswept coast, through its historic ports and villages to end on its highest mountain.
Episodes 2017

S6 Ep2 - West Of Skyfall: Skye, Soay And Canna

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For this grand tour Paul’s journey begins at Loch Hourne on the mainland, takes him over the sea to the to Skye, then heads to the tiny island of Soay before finishing on Canna. Along the way, Paul visits the house which was the inspiration for Skyfall, home of Britain’s most famous spy James Bond, embarks on a nerve wrack...

S6 Ep1 - West Is Best: From Lewis To Harris

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Presenter Paul Murton continues his odyssey, discovering the secrets of some of the most remote places in Europe. His first journey takes him to the largest island in Britain: the long island of Harris and Lewis. Paul tries his hand at weaving Harris Tweed, meets the family behind the world famous Stornoway black pudding a...