Grave Mysteries

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Season 2
In August 2015, Jeffrey Kebler is found murdered in his Clinton County home; in order to track down his killer, detectives must follow a digital trail left behind by the victim.
Mikarah Sanders is shot in a home invasion on New Year's Eve; police dive into Sanders' world, learning that the killer was driven by rage to commit a crime of passion.
28-year-old Michael Sandy is an interior designer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Michael loves music and making new friends on the internet.
A couple returns home from a trip to find blood everywhere, signs of struggle and their teenage daughter missing; police stumble across her charred remains in the desert.
In Colorado Springs, Colo., 27-year-old single mother Ashley Melnyczok is murdered in her home; while hunting for clues, police hunt down a cast of dangerous characters.
Tiffanie Adams' body is found in a field; a small-town sheriff must retrace the expectant mother's steps; Tiffanie's online life points to a dark secret and a ruthless murderer.
Thirty-two-year-old Becky Brosnan goes missing; while a Myspace message says she's left to find herself, everyone says Becky would never abandon her children.
High school freshman Shaniesha Forbes' body is found on a beach; NYPD detectives discover her social media life includes a list of 1,600 Facebook friends and possible suspects.