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Season 1
We're a nation that loves to play, which is why it has given us memorable icons like Speedos, the Sherrin football, a dress made from polystyrene balls and our most popular museum attraction: a horse's heart. (Final)
It's 'sweet'! It's where the heart is! Yes, it's the Home. Tony Armstrong opens the front door onto some of our best-known, strangest, and daggiest icons inspired by all things domestic.
Tony Armstrong explores all the stuff from the land that's become iconic and recognisable as Great Australian Stuff - including the boomerang, the Akubra and the Permanent Pleat.
Hosted by Tony Armstrong this series uncovers surprising stories behind some of our most iconic Australian stuff. This episode looks at food including classics like the meat pie, Macadamia nut, Chiko Roll and Vegemite.