Greece! The Islands

July 2016

Ep10 - Dodecanese: From Kos To Karpathos, Ep. 10

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Dodecanese: From Kos To Karpathos - On the island of Rhodes we pay a visit to the mother of all European coffee bars. Before the cobbler Jannis explains to us, why his handcrafted boots are still in demand - even by young people - in his tradition-...

Ep9 - Dodecanese: From Patmos To Kalymnos, Ep. 9

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Dodecanese: From Patmos To Kalymnos - We visit the eastern part of the Aegean. At the famous monastery of Patmos we visit a grotto in which Saint John wrote the “Apocalypse”. Beyond the walls of the monastery Anastasia is expecting us on her resear...

Ep8 - Cyclades: From Tinos To Amorgos, Ep. 8

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Cyclades: From Tinos To Amorgos - We travel to Tinosvia via Delos and then to Amorgos. In Tinos we trace the feeling in the sculptors' fingertips. We accompany the Skopelitis, the Mediterranean's most famous ferry, and end the round trip in Amorgos ...

Ep7 - Cyclades: From Santorini To Naxos, Ep. 7

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Cyclades: From Santorini To Naxos - We begin our journey from the pearl of the Mediterranean: the volcanic island of Santorini and then we head north to Naxos. In Santorini, we meet Margarita and her unique wine. In Naxos we witness the curious magi...

Ep6 - East Of Crete, The, Ep. 6

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East Of Crete - Together with Marianna, we collect the herbs she uses to make tea and oil and also learn about nature’s healing power. In Knossos, elaborate palaces teach us about a time when most Europeans still lived deep in the woods. In Matala, ...

Ep5 - Crete - West Coast, Ep. 5

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Crete - Today we visit the real cradle of Europe: Crete, Zeus' birthplace. Right next to the dream beaches of Crete, Crissanthi shows us some sites where she finds a true treasure of the sea: Salt of exceptional quality. Up in the mountains we meet ...

Ep4 - Peloponnese: From Corinth To Olympia, Ep. 4

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Peloponnese: From Corinth To Olympia - This part of our journey takes us to the Peloponnese, the biggest and youngest of all Greek islands. In Corinth, bungee enthusiasts jump into the canal. In the midst of the amphitheatre of Epidaurus, Maria intr...

Ep3 - Peloponnese: From Rio To Arcadia, Ep. 3

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Peloponnese: From Rio To Arcadia - Alexis takes us on a ride with 'his' narrow gauged mountain railway. Passing narrow tunnels, we reach the inner part of the country via delicate bridges. In the ancient stadium of Nemea we meet Amalia, who is prepa...

Ep2 - Ionian Island, Ep. 2

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Ionian Island - From lush green forests to snow-capped mountains, from towering cliffs to bare sandbars, the Greek islands are a land of unmatched natural beauty. The islands also have seen Europe’s earliest civilizations, its philosophical founders...

Ep1 - Corfu, Ep. 1

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Corfu - From lush green forests to snow-capped mountains, from towering cliffs to bare sandbars, the Greek islands are a land of unmatched natural beauty. We meet the locals who give insight into historical buildings, sacred places and, of course, t...