Guardians Of The Glades

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Season 1
To stop the pythons from establishing new breeding colonies, the team hunts in the Florida Keys. Plus, Dusty tries to recruit the next generation of snake hunters.
Season 2
Dusty and the team must capture a giant calf-eating snake and venture into an abandoned factory to save upper Florida from invasive pythons.
While Dusty and the team stave off the spreading invasion by creating a 'tourniquet' at the Stormwater Treatment Areas, Gary hunts for a new record-breaking snake.
Dusty Crum and his team of snake hunters devise a plan to stop Florida's invasive pythons from spreading north and becoming a national emergency.
Season 1
Rival snake hunters encroach on Dusty's hunting spot, so he and his team take a major risk by day and night hunting deep in the dangerous Sawgrass Plains.
There is a new predator in the Everglades which has already decimated more than 90% of mammal and bird species. Now Dusty Crum has made it his life's calling to save the Glades.