Episode 5 (The Atlanta Bombings)

4.5 32 x
In 1996, a bomb goes off at the Atlanta Olympics killing one and leaving hundreds injured. After a further 5 bombs are detonated, the FBI, ATF and GBI realize they're dealing with a serial bomber.

Episode 4 (Murder in Vegas)

3.0 30 x
In 1995, charred bones and a skull with five bullet holes are found inside a burnt antique trunk in the Nevada desert.

Episode 3 (Green River Killer)

3.0 36 x
The first victims of America's most prolific serial killer were found in 1982; the killer was at large for two decades, killing over 50 women, but was caught after forensic microscopy linked particles from the victims' clothes to the killer

Episode 1 (The Murdered Bride)

3.0 73 x
In 1986, the LAPD arrives at a murder scene that seems clear cut, but the case quickly goes cold. Twenty years later, DNA testing provides a stunning new lead.
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Episode 6 (Lady In The Barrel)

4.0 118 x
Detectives investigate the body of a murdered woman found in a barrel along with an address book.

Episode 2 (Left For Dead)

4.7 68 x
In 2002, armed with DNA and a license plate from a violent rape case, a detective thinks he has an easy case, but neither provides a match; the case goes cold until the groundbreaking Combined DNA Index System finds a hit 5 years later.