Guy's Big Bite


S18 Ep8 - Cocoa Loco

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When it comes to chocolate, Guy Fieri takes his savory, not sweet, so for Valentine's Day, he's whipping up Grilled Chicken with Mole Negro, where the chocolate is in the sauce. On the side, he makes Hominy with Pomegranate and Cilantro, and you won't believe what's in the vinaigrette.

S18 Ep12 - Best Turkey Ever

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Best Turkey Ever - You've seen roasted turkey, fried turkey and grilled turkey - now it's time for the best turkey! Guy Fieri is sharing his new recipe for the most tender, flavourful turkey you've ever tasted, with help from his chef friends G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan and Aaron May, as well as his son Ryder! Plus, dynamite...

S18 Ep11 - Holiday By The Bay

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Holiday By The Bay - Guy Fieri is celebrating the holidays with his spin on a local Bay Area specialty, Cioppino. He makes his version with Dungeness crab and a whole host of other seafood, served with Fire-Roasted Tomato and Vegetable Puree and Grilled Pepper and Parmesan Polenta. (S.18 Ep.11) (From the US) (Cooking Serie...

S18 Ep10 - Paella Party

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Paella Party - Join Guy Fieri on a flavour-packed trip down memory lane with dishes inspired by his trip to Spain, including Pork and Chicken Paella Verde and Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Chorizo and Manchego. Plus, Guy shares recipe tips and tricks from local pros that will have you cheering 'Ole!' (S.18 Ep.10) (From the...

S18 Ep9 - Something For Everyone

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Something For Everyone - Guy Fieri is cooking up a comfort food meal, with buttery bone-in Three Citrus Chicken Breasts and rich, cheesy Chorizo Poutine. Whether you're in need of comfort or just great food, this stick-to-your-ribs meal is sure to please. (S.18 Ep.9) (From the US) (Cooking Series) G

S18 Ep7 - Game Day Fan Favourites

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Game Day Fan Favourites - It's almost game day, and Guy Fieri is finally sharing his famous old-school, real deal, Texas-Style Chili: all meat, no beans, and for a twist, Beer Cheddar Cheese Sauce - guaranteed to score major points! On the side, he's cookin' up Elevated Potato Skins with leeks, mushrooms, brie cheese and p...

S18 Ep6 - Frugal Feasting

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Guy Fieri puts a gourmet spin on the ultimate low-cost meal: burritos. His Green Chili Chicken Burrito is packed with chicken, potatoes and peppers, smothered in chili sauce and topped with melted cheese. On the side, there's rice with Quick Black Beans and a Cilantro Lime Cream Slaw. So much flavor, you can't afford to no...

S18 Ep5 - Chicago Beef On The Grill

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Chicago Beef On The Grill - Guy Fieri has a special guest in his kitchen, chef Duskie Estes, and the two are cookin' up a Chicago-Sonoma fusion meal. For the main course, they make grilled Chicago Beef Kebabs served with homemade giardiniera and gremolata. To go with it, there's Fried Provolone with Italian Salsa, and to w...

S18 Ep4 - Lighten Up With Big Flavour

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Lighten Up With Big Flavour - Guy Fieri has a meal that lightens the calorie count without lightening up the flavour. He's got a Banana Leaf-Wrapped Sea Bass served with a spicy Grilled Corn Salsa, and on the side, Red Quinoa and Mango Salad, proving once and for all that healthy can mean flavorful! (S.18 Ep.4) (From the U...

S18 Ep3 - Pork Chops 'n' Chile Sauce

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Pork Chops 'n' Chile Sauce - Guy Fieri is mixing things up - he's got an Italian pizza chef, Luigi Agostini, helping him cook up some Mexican-inspired food in Northern California! On the menu: Mexican Chile Pork Chops, served on a Grilled Green Chile Sauce and topped with Pico de Gallo. For a side, Guy puts a Mexican spin ...