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Season 3
All our Gym Stars come together for a very special 'lockdown' competition.
Acro gymnasts Dylan and Nyree are told about a new pairing with a big competition to prepare for.
Tumbler Seb is off to the World Championships in Tokyo with tumbling teammates Bailey, Freddie and Tristan.
Acro pair Finn and Kirsten compete as seniors for the first time at the European Championships in Israel.
Tumbler Jay gets one step closer to his dream of becoming a world class stunt man.
Artistic gymnast Trumaine has some great news and is off to a special training camp.
Coach Liz treats Amelie and Phoebe to some well-deserved rest and relaxation after a tiring training camp.
Phoebe's leadership skills are put to the test as she heads up the Academy Angels at the Club Championships.
Artistic gymnast Madi needs to shine at her Grading, where she hopes to qualify as an elite!
Acro duo Finn and Kirsten compete as seniors for the first time at the British Championships in Liverpool.
Acro pair Harry and George have perfected their routines ready to shine at the Acro British Championships.
It's competition day for the Birmingham boys, and all change for Synchro trampoline duo Alannah and Morgan.
Gymnast Chase is back in the gym but he's not letting his injury hold him back as he preps for the Nationals.
Here come the Birmingham boys - four young artistic gymnasts hoping to take the gymnastics world by storm!
Shakiem and Seb hope to shine at the Tumbling British Championships and Alice is on a planet saving mission!
It's the British Trampoline Championships and Theo's competing for the first time in a synchro pair!
Amelie and Phoebe are busy preparing for the world championship trials, but Amelie has a major setback.
The trampolinists are training and playing hard, at a special camping come boating come training weekend!
Acro duo Finn and Kirsten try to master a winning routine and we meet tumbling sensations Seb and Shakiem!
Artistic gymnast Amelie represents Team GB for her first ever European Championships as a senior.