Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip



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Working on the massive job to reconstruct steam train 'The Night Owl', the Bikers forge a steel wheel taller than they are for the biggest locomotive restoration in Britain. Dave's first job was in a steelworks, and so was his dad's, so he's going b...


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The Hairy Bikers continue their journey around Britain, meeting passionate, skilled heritage volunteers and taking part in the most exciting restoration projects of our industrial past. It is full steam ahead in Wiltshire as they help rebuild an ear...

S1 Ep1 - Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip Series 1 Ep 1

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Swapping spatulas for spanners, The Hairy Bikers rev up their vintage bikes and go on their greatest road trip yet. The Hairy bikers – made up of the dynamic culinary duo Dave Myers and Si King - get their hands dirty visiting and taking part in pro...
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