Hamish & Andy's Asia Gap Year


Episode 5

3.0 38 x
First we see them visit a unique trader of Human Hair in Vietnam, so naturally they put the Rapunzel fairy tale to the test. Feeling a bit peckish from this they travel to Ha Noi where Andy takes part in some serious cultural eating.

Episode 4

4.0 24 x
First we see the boys visit Cambodia where they help a local man sweep for Land Mines placed during the Vietnam War. Next they travel into the mountains of Japan seeking a Kung-fu Master who can floor his opponent using only his voice.

Episode 2

3.0 18 x
This week we see the travellers enter China to take on the art of 'Flying on Water,' a skill that takes 15 years to master. Later in Ho Chi Minh City its Hamish V Andy in a mini-pee wee motor bikes race through the city.

Episode 1

4.7 57 x
In the season premiere, join the boys from their new favourite Bangkok Bar as they recount their latest Gap Year escapades, as diverse as being served by monkey waiters in Tokyo to running on water with Shaolin monks in China and much more.