Happy Foodie New Year

December 2017

S1 Ep6

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and Cavin Soh has a celebratory feast with his friends and explores the traditions of the Lunar New Year. He visits Red Star Restaurant, where he meets chef Sin Leong and chef Hooi Kok Wai. These culinary masters are two of the four original creators of the famous Yu Sheng, a raw...

S1 Ep5

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Cavin Soh travels to Singapore’s Chinatown district to soak up the Chinese New Year atmosphere and visit stores selling Chinese New Year goods. While there, he drops by Wo Peng Cuisine restaurant to meet chef Julian Tam, who was the pioneer chef to bring the Cantonese Lunar New Year dish Poon Choi to Singapore. Back in the...

S1 Ep4

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Bak Kwa is one of the most popular delicacies in Singapore during the Chinese New Year. To understand why the delicacy is a must-have for the festive season, Cavin Soh visits an established store selling the tasty Chinese dried meat with local chef Daniel Sia. Having enjoyed his slices of Bak Kwa, Cavin sets off to discove...

S1 Ep3

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Besides being known for its medicinal benefits, bird’s nest makes for a popular Chinese New Year gift as well. Cavin Soh meets up with chef Huang Ching Biao of Jin Shan Restaurant who shares with him the culinary knowledge on how to differentiate the varying types of bird’s nest and how to prepare this extravagant delicacy...

S1 Ep2

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Cavin Soh goes on a culinary journey in search of the fascinating history behind the popular Singaporean dish, Bak Kut Teh with local chef, Patrick Tan. Curious to find out how to cook up this distinct yet flavoursome soup, Cavin sets off to unravel the secret behind the spices used in the unique mix. With the acquired kno...

S1 Ep1

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Join host Cavin Soh as he explores new dishes to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with his family. Cavin pays a visit to Bee Heong Palace Restaurant and meets up with prominent local chef Goh Eng Gee, who has specially prepared a sumptuous feast for Cavin. Joined by the chef himself, Cavin learns about Singapore’s t...