Hard Time


Season 4, Episode 4 (Jail Mum)

4.0 11 x
The women's jail at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas is a world of treacherous contrasts, from extreme aggression to intense affection, where 'jail mums' and their 'convict children' form ties that bind.

Season 4, Episode 3 (Love Behind Bars)

3.0 6 x
At the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, life, lust and love continue on even after arrest, and inmates are forced to choose whether to continue down the same path or change their ways.

Season 4, Episode 2 (Running The Joint)

4.0 7 x
Vegas Jail is purgatory. It's where inmates await trial, and worry about their fate. But even in limbo, life goes on - through jailhouse hustles, cat and mouse games with officers, and relationships on the outside.

Season 4, Episode 1 (Come On Vacation Leave On Probation)

3.0 2 x
Clark County Detention Center is a never-ending revolving door of repeat offenders, hardened criminals and often, unlucky transplants pushing the legal limits of a good time who have now landed themselves in jail.

Season 3, Episode 8 (The Outsiders)

3.0 3 x
The largest prison in Georgia absorbs a flood of new inmates, while three prisoners struggle to adapt to the reality of life behind bars.
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