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Harry finds unexpected information while emptying Mats' house; Tomas must be held accountable when Maggie finds out the truth and Monica's dream may not be what she always thought.

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Season 1
Monica bets everything on her new chance and Harry doesn't know what to do anymore; a secret of Tomas's is about to be revealed, and Mats does his best to save the situation.
When Harry finds out about Monica's offer for a solo career during a gig at an erotica fair, it breaks him. Memories and old wounds are torn open, until Monica can't take it anymore and Harry's nightmare becomes real.
Harmonica's new songs are not a success and Tomas has serious money problems; Monica is faced with a difficult choice.
Gone are the days when Harry and Monica performed in large stadiums. Their marriage is coming to an end, but a reunion tour has the potential to change everything.