Hatch, Match And Dispatch


Season 1, Episode 4

57 x
Matt and Amy want to get married before it's all too late. Amy's nine months pregnant and Matt needs a heart transplant. Will they make it to the registry in time? #HatchMatchDispatch

Season 1, Episode 3

57 x
Cecil and his daughter have come into the Registry to try and find out who they really are. Will they find out they have convict ancestry? #HatchMatchDispatch

Season 1, Episode 2

59 x
Monika and her fiance Duane are getting hitched. Duane thinks it's cool getting married at Monika's workplace with Amanda, the Registrar, officiating. While transgender ballet dancer Julia is seeking a change of name.
Episodes 2016

Season 1, Episode 8

150 x
The Registry is among the nation's most popular wedding venues. It's especially busy on special days like Valentine's Day and the 8th of August. Eight is the symbol for infinity in the Chinese community. (Final)

Season 1, Episode 7

65 x
Darlene has flown in from Canada to give her son Niles away at his wedding... only problem is, he's gone missing. Meera is trying to get her sex change recognised on her passport before a trip back to Malaysia.

Season 1, Episode 6

60 x
16-year-old Kerry has been offered her first job & she needs a birth certificate to get paid. But her birth was never officially registered so the Registry has to find evidence to prove Kerry is who she says she is.

Season 1, Episode 5

149 x
Michael & Kim arrive at the Registry hoping to get hitched. But there's a problem. They have no wedding witnesses, their bridal party is stuck in traffic & they can't get married without them. #HatchMatchDispatch