Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting catch up


9. Ticket To Ride

3.0 28 x
Brad and Nathan Moore are called in to help build a new firefighter training unit.

8. Day Or Night

3.0 28 x
Dave does double duty, starting with work at a local college followed by maintenance on a historic amusement park ride.

6. Son Of A Sailor

3.0 31 x
Dan and Francis help sailors remove their boats from the water before winter arrives.

5. The Need For Speed

3.0 14 x
J.P. dismounts a 60-year-old fighter jet, and an indoor lift causes a tight squeeze.

4. Special Delivery

4.0 14 x
A massive new edition to the fleet arrives by train, but the thrill with the new arrival quickly evaporates when they discover a problem with the hydraulics.

3. Bridging The Gap

4.0 15 x
Apprentice crane operator Nathan Moore's skills are put to the test by gusty winds on a massive roofing job.

2. Taking Out The Trash

3.0 21 x
Dave of Becco Crane Service encounters a tricky set-up on a residential construction site. J.P.'s day takes him from site to site because of last minute calls.

1. Just Like Downtown

3.0 69 x
Dave Horobec has a messy locomotive demo to deal with at a scrap yard, while J.P. Chiarot of Double D Crane works on a residential tree removal job.