Hidden History Of Britain

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Season 2
Michael ends his journey at the seaside resort of Brighton; examines the Victorian engineering keeping the ruined West Pier standing; then joins Britain's oldest swimming club.
Michael visits the abandoned shell of the New Victoria in Bradford, once one of the most impressive entertainment complexes in Britain with a 3,000 seat cinema.
A top secret Cold War stronghold and a decommissioned Soviet nuclear submarine reveal just how close we came to nuclear armageddon, and the British military's plans.
Michael ventures inside the London Road Fire Station which was decommissioned in 1986.
The series returns as Michael visits the former Cambridge Military Hospital in the garrison town of Aldershot, Hampshire to learn of the far-reaching legacy of the medical innovations.
Season 1
Michael explores Shepton Mallet prison which over its 400-year history has seen executions, escape attempts, used as storage for historical documents during wartime and death-row.
Michael visits the most mysterious places in Britain. A complex of bunkers, rusting towers and crumpled military hardware once home to an Anglo-American over-the-horizon radar system.
Michael visits the Royal London Hospital in the East End which closed its doors in 2013 but pioneered medical breakthroughs and universal health-care for generations.