Hollands Hope


S1 Ep8 - Sea Of Green

Expired 3.0 238 x
Sea Of Green - Matthias displays strange behaviour caused by the death of his seedlings and Bert’s sudden disappearance and betrayal. Although their relationship seems to have changed, he finds out Matthias is clueless about Pepijn’s actions and con...

S1 Ep7 - Under The Green Grass

Expired 3.5 193 x
Under The Green Grass - Fokke wakes up in the old barn, between the seedlings and discovers that Dimitri found him bleeding after he heard shots. Apart for a gazing shot to the head, Fokke is fine, until he gets a glimpse of Dimitri’s project. He wa...

S1 Ep6 - Wild Times

Expired 3.0 182 x
Wild Times - With the barn equipped as a fully, self-supporting cultivation unit for seedlings, Fokke hopes he’s finally rid of Sasha for a while. But that’s not the case. Sasha likes it too much around Fokke’s family. Pepijn and Bert grow closer. T...

S1 Ep5 - Vladimir Putin

Expired 3.0 139 x
Vladimir Putin - The two trailer park guys who robbed Pepijn of his cash and stash are roaming the land in search of a farm named Hollands Hope. Pepijn spots them first and calls in the help of Matthias's brother Bert on condition of discretion. (S....

S1 Ep4 - Dutch Passion

Expired 3.0 255 x
Dutch Passion - Fokke and Machteld seem to have reinvented their love life and act on it accordingly. Lara is angry because of Machteld’s claim of the attic, and Pepijn is skipping school a little too frequently. Matthias advises that the weed in th...
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