Holmes Family Rescue

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Holmes Family Rescue

The Holmes family steps up when their electrician and good friend, Frank, gets overwhelmed with his renovation due to a series of health issues.

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Season 1
Mike, Michael and Sherry answer a woman's distress call after a shady contractor butchered the repairs in her flooded basement.
A homeowner bought a bungalow with her mother, but a flood in the basement has dampened their dreams and health.
Homeowners Lori and Sonja buy their forever home, only to be beset by endless leaks in the basement; Mike, Michael and Sherry expose water pooling issues.
Bernadine is in danger of losing her foster license because contractors left her in a house full of hazards.
Sherry challenges Michael and Mike to a competition that will determine who is best at decorating for Christmas.
Bad contractors have failed to renovate Angela's dysfunctional home; Mike, Sherry and Michael step in to bring her design aesthetic to life.
Homeowner Angela is a fearless competitive motorcycle racer, but when it comes to renovations, she's been waving the white flag, after experiencing an intimidating contractor.
Just as a homeowner was about to give birth, she and her partner were scammed by a contractor who left them with a mess of a kitchen.
Michael and Sherry try to solve the mystery of the ongoing leak; Mike and Sherry visit a family who needs to make their home accessible for their son.
A couple has two kids and a massive trench left behind by a contractor who used a fake name, took their money and disappeared; Mike, Michael and Sherry come to the rescue.