Hot In Cleveland

January 2015

Season 5 Episode 23

4.0 252 x
Just when Joy is happy in her relationship with Mitch, Simon sneaks back into her life. Meanwhile, Elka gets carried away with some new-found power.

Season 5 Episode 24

3.0 110 x
The annual birthdates episode. Every year, the ladies celebrate their collective birthday by fixing each other up on blind dates. This time it ends with more than one proposal.

Season 5 Episode 21

3.0 119 x
When Victoria has to choose between Melanie and Joy for her plus one to the Oscars, they compete with each other to show who's the better friend.

Season 5 Episode 22

3.0 117 x
Tensions are high in Cleveland: Victoria is up for an Academy Award, Elka is up for City Council election, and Melanie gets a visit from her mother

Season 5 Episode 19

Expired 3.0 84 x
Things heat up between Victoria and J.J. and Melanie and Donald during Elka's City Council debate against Councilman Powell

Season 5 Episode 20

3.0 85 x
Melanie feels replaced when the ladies go to her radio co-host for advice and Victoria meets J.J.'s family.

Season 5 Episode 17

3.0 72 x
Victoria gets a visit from the son she always forgets and Joy and Mitch debate their compatibility.

Season 5 Episode 18

3.0 171 x
Our ladies go 2-D in a fun-filled animated episode that involves questionable beauty treatments, zombies, and a look at Cleveland had LeBron never left.

Season 5 Episode 16

3.0 57 x
Joy decides to finally tell Mitch how she feels but a handsome dating coach gets in the way. Victoria is surprisingly taken with a very Clevelandy screenwriter.

Season 5 Episode 15

3.0 135 x
To the ladies' surprise, Elka has written and directed a play about them. They're shocked to see how they're portrayed and by whom. It doesn't help that Elka's role is being performed by the beautiful and glamorous Claudia