Hotel Impossible

June 2016

Ep 23 Gardenia Resort

3.0 53 x
Anthony Melchiorri heads to Jamaica to fix the many issues plaguing the Gardenia Resort. With an untrained staff, a GM lacking confidence, and layers of dirt and trash, can Anthony get this island flower to bloom before it dies?

Ep 24 Alpenhof Lodge

3.0 23 x
Anthony Melchiorri travels to the snowy mountains of Mammoth Lakes, CA, to visit the Alpenhof Lodge. Can he help this charming ski lodge suffering from an outdated interior and a dysfunctional family that owns it?

Ep 21 The Curve

3.0 27 x
Anthony Melchiorri heads to Palm Springs, CA, known for its relaxing atmosphere and swanky boutique hotels. Can he transform a 150-room former chain motel into a trendy, hip boutique hotel for two slick real estate investors?

Ep 22 Casa Verde Hotel

3.0 13 x
Anthony Melchiorri heads to beautiful Puerto Rico, where the owner of the Casa Verde is overworked and overwhelmed by the hotel's surfer bar called Rock Bottom. Can Anthony help him take control before he financially wipes out?
February 2016

Ep 9 Clearing The Heir

3.0 58 x
Anthony Melchiorri heads to Moclips, WA, to help the family-run Ocean Crest Resort. With guest rooms reminiscent of a 70s sitcom and an heir who seems completely clueless, Anthony needs to prepare the next generation.

Ep 10 Sleeping On The Job

3.0 47 x
Anthony Melchiorri dogs the owner of San Francisco's CitiGarden Hotel. But, with disgusting guest rooms, an under-performing General Manager and a sexy surprise, he'll need to overcome a lot of negative reviews to find success.

Ep 8 Packing Heat

3.0 32 x
Anthony Melchiorri heads to the coast of Maine to help the Vacationland Inn, where he needs to school the owners and the pistol-packing managers on the lack of hotel security and treating their employees better.

Ep 7 Resort To Spanking

3.0 42 x
Anthony Melchiorri's in the beautiful lake town of Manson, WA at the struggling Mountain View Lodge. With a passive aggressive owner with control issues and a tourist town also struggling, Anthony has his work cut out for him.

Ep 5 Crappy Management

3.0 29 x
Anthony is in Crookston, MN to help the struggling 73-room Crookston Inn & Convention Centre. Frustrations mount when Anthony forces a surly manager to own up to a disgusting bathroom, and suggests the owners fire another.

Ep 6 Masters Of The Domain

3.0 33 x
Anthony is in Aiken, SC, 30 minutes from Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters, to help a struggling 34-room family hotel. Can he convince the stubborn owner to change her ways and the hotel's name to help save it?