How Britain Worked

How Britain Worked catch up

November 2015

Fri 20 Nov, season 1 episode 6

4.0 412 x
Guy's project this week is the machine which can be credited with kickstarting the Industrial Revolution and which was the first piston engine ever built.

Fri 13 Nov, season 1 episode 5

3.0 201 x
Guy's project this week is one of the more surprising legacies of the Victorian period - the public park.

Fri 6 Nov, season 1 episode 4

3.0 228 x
Guy Martin helps with the 500,000 pound restoration of the world's oldest surviving Brixham sailing trawler.
October 2015

Fri 30 Oct, season 1 episode 3

3.0 250 x
Guy Martin works to get a Yorkshire saw mill - Gayle Mill in Wensleydale - up and running and back in business.

Fri 23 Oct, season 1 episode 2

2.0 267 x
In Llandudno - a purpose built Victorian seaside resort - Guy helps with work on the town's magnificent pier and rebuilds an original helter skelter ride.

Fri 16 Oct, season 1 episode 1

3.3 519 x
Guy Martin celebrates the workers of the Industrial Revolution by restoring landmark engineering projects.