How I Met Your Mother

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Season 4
After Ted bumps into Tony and Stella on the street, Tony shows up at Ted's apartment wanting to make amends.
Ted teaches his future kids a lesson, Marshall becomes addicted to graphs and charts and Barney celebrates his 200th female conquest.
Ted meets a new girl, Holly, and the gang insists that he wait three days before calling to ask her out.
Lily and Marshall hear that Ted's college girlfriend Karen, whom they've never hidden their hatred for, has moved to New York City.
Robin is desperate to find a job or she will be deported to Canada, she agrees to let Barney produce a video resume for her.
The gang suspects that Barney has a girlfriend when he mysteriously leaves MacLaren's and they decide to follow him.
A blizzard hits New York City, threatening a tradition of Marshall and Lily's and leaving Ted and Barney to keep McClaren's doors open.
Ted and Robin become "friends with benefits" to deal with conflicts they're having around the apartment.
Barney creates a holiday to celebrate the fact that he's not a father. And Lily and Marshall consider having a baby, taking opposing advice from Ted and Robin.
A chance run-in with Stella causes everyone to recall their own experiences with avoidance and confrontation.
Ted and Stella's impromptu wedding plans are jeopardized by the presence of their ex-es.
Ted discovers that the gang ditched their plans to stage an intervention against his engagement to Stella.
After inviting the gang to Stella's house in New Jersey, Ted tries to sell them on the perks of living in the suburbs until he learns that she expects him to move there after they're married. And Robin gets a new job.
Still unemployed, Marshall becomes obsessed with finding the best burger in New York which he first had eight years prior.
After Stella accepts Ted's marriage proposal, he realizes that he knows very little about her.
The gang are faced with taking life's biggest leaps - in starting a new career, in declaring true love and in doing something stupid.
Ted goes out on his own as an architect and hires an intern to help get things started, but all he helps himself to is Robin.
Barney and Marshall concoct an elaborate lie to keep Ted from knowing he is out of a job.
Karen finds another woman's earring in Ted's bed and he discovers that Lily planted it there on purpose.
Season 3
Ted has a brush with death which makes him re-evaluate his relationship with Stella. Guest starring Sarah Chalke.