How Not To Live Your Life

Full episodes

Series 3 Episode 7 Don The Musical (Final)

3.0 46 x
Don joins a theatre club after seeing how much attention it brings and Brian asks him for advice when Sam has not responded to his proposal. CAST: David Armand

Series 3 Episode 6 Don Does Therapy

3.0 55 x
Don is startled to hear his flatmate Sam's boyfriend intends to propose, as he still has feelings for her. CAST: Dan Clark, Silas Carson

Series 3 Episode 5 Don Dates A Homeless

3.0 53 x
Don meets a homeless girl and strikes up a rapport and the next day he asks her out for a dare. CAST: Dan Clark

Series 3 Episode 4 Don Meets His Maker

3.0 40 x
Don is mistakenly thought to be seriously ill by his gang and they shower him with love. Don goes along with it, but then feels guilty as the lie becomes more and more elaborate. CAST: Dan Clark

Series 3 Episode 3 Don's Posh Weekend

3.0 50 x
Don and his boss, Jason, date two posh girls and are invited to a country weekend, where Don has trouble fitting in. CAST: Dan Clark
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