How To Be Indie

Full episodes

Series 2 Episode 26 How To Get Smooched (Final)

2.2 618 x
Indie wants to smooch Aiden, but at what cost?

Series 2 Episode 25 How To Have A Movie Magic Vacation

4.3 215 x
When Indie puts the family vacation in jeopardy, she needs all the magic of a Bollywood musical to get things back on track.

Series 2 Episode 24 How To Clean Up At Stand Up

3.0 126 x
Indie takes on Carlos Martinelli and his cruel jokes.

Series 2 Episode 23 How To Fake Your Way Through A Freaky Formal

1.7 243 x
Indie gets to go to Chandra's formal, but there's a catch: she has to go disguised as Chandra!

Series 2 Episode 22 How To Bend The Rules

3.8 180 x
Indie does whatever it takes to go with Aiden on a trip to an amusement park.

Series 2 Episode 21 How To Update Your Status

4.0 226 x
Indie's efforts to pin down her and Aiden's status have him running for the hills.

Series 2 Episode 20 How To Be A Leader

3.0 129 x
Indie and Evil Cousin Ruby face off at volleyball.

Series 2 Episode 19 How To Get Out Of Big, Big Trouble

3.0 109 x
Indie's been grounded, but she doesn't know why!

Series 2 Episode 18 How To Beat Chandra

3.0 98 x
Indie vows to be better than her sister at something!

Series 2 Episode 17 How To Get Plugged In

3.0 134 x
Indie wants to get cable TV, but does a slip of the tongue mean that dream is out of the picture?
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