How To Build

October 2014

Ep3 - Satellite

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How to Build: A Satellite - With exclusive access to specialist manufacturer Astrium, this program shows step-by-step how to assemble one of the most complicated machines in the world. The engineering team is followed as they construct a massive communication satellite - from the inner carbon-fibre skeleton to the fuel tanks and engines. At the Portsmouth site, the electronic 'payload' is built and then tested. It has to operate for a minimum of fifteen years - so precision is everything. (From...

Ep2 - Super Car

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A Super Car - With extraordinary access to one of the country's most secretive companies, this episode shows how Formula One racing team McLaren is now building a road car using some of their F1 technology. During the summer of 2011, McLaren launched the MP4-12C. The program goes inside the McLaren factory, meets the team of engineers and McLaren boss Ron Dennis, and discovers how the car has been designed, tested and built from scratch, including its unique carbon-fibre 'monocell' technology a...
September 2014

Ep1 - Super Jumbo Wing

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A Super Jumbo Wing - This three-part series looks at three high-tech British engineering projects that all share something in common - amazing technology and individuals with highly specialised skills. The first episode follows the people who work at the two main Airbus factories in the UK. In Filton, near Bristol, we meet engineers and designers at the company's research and development facility, and in Broughton in Wales, the site of one of Europe's biggest factories, we meet the staff who ac...