How To Look Good Naked


6. Brogan And Nicola

4.0 32 x
Gok takes the mother and daughter Nicola and Brogan on a journey of self-discovery and prove that getting naked is the best therapy to loving ourselves.

5. Donna And Katie

3.0 32 x
Super stylist Gok Wan returns to transform the low self-esteem of sisters-in-law Donna and Katie.

4. Sarah And Lynne

4.0 8 x
Sisters Lynne and Sarah are next in line for a much needed body confidence booster by super stylist Gok Wan.

3. Beth And Hayley

3.0 13 x
Gok takes best friends Beth and Hayley under his wing to help them reconnect with the vibrant, happy go lucky girls they once were.

2. Jade And Sadie

3.5 20 x
Gok meets Jade and Sadie, who were both diagnosed with cancer within a few of months of each other. Though given the all-clear, the cancer has had a dramatic impact on how they feel about themselves.

1. Helen And Ames

4.0 28 x
Gok Wan returns to help Essex friends Ames and Helen rebuild their body confidence.