How To Stay Young

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An unfit 57-year-old discovers building muscle makes her stronger. A 51-year-old learns his diet is stopping him from producing hormones & a 50-year-old finds a surprising way to tackle memory loss & make her brain younger.
Episodes 2018
The final episode sees Tina discover the damage her diet is doing to her skin, Rich scores the worst body age so far and Isabella learns how to reverse her brain's decline.
You may be free from grey hairs and wrinkles, but do your insides tell a different story? The team examine the science behind getting old, and help ordinary people slow down the speed at which they're ageing.
Episodes 2016
This episode explores what can give brains a boost. In America, Angela tries out a new treatment that's proven to help memory and concentration. Plus Chris discovers the best exercise we can do for our brains. (Final)
In this new two-part series, Angela Rippon & Dr Chris van Tulleken travel the world in search of the latest science that could help us all stay young & healthy for longer.