Hunters Of The South Seas

September 2017

S1 Ep3 - The Kula Ring

3.0 0 x
Explorer Will Millard embarks on a voyage through the Coral Triangle to see how humans have adapted to life afloat. Destinations include Micronesia, PNG, Indonesia. Will is very strong new adventure talent in the Bruce Parry mode. In the third episo...

S1 Ep2 - The Whale Hunters Of Lamalera

3.0 1 x
Writer Will Millard explores the extraordinary people of the Coral Triangle in the Western Pacific. Here whale hunters, spear fishermen and ocean traders all live in close connection to the sea. In episode two, Will heads to the small village of Lam...

S1 Ep1 - The Bajau

3.0 2 x
Made by Indus Films, Hunters Of The South Seas follows the writer and explorer as he lives for a month at a time with three remote communities who have adapted to ocean life like nowhere else on the planet, and documents how the rapidly changing wor...