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Just as the gang are about to close another successful deal, it's revealed one of their marks is an undercover cop.

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Season 6
The gang are left in shock when one of their own is conned.
The gang are on the brink of closing a deal but Sean has a sudden score to settle.
Desperate for cash, the team convince a wannabe playboy to loan a life-sized gold tiger to a major museum, with the intention of stealing it.
Albert decides it's time for a break and leaves the crew to fend for themselves in his absence.
The team targets a banker bailed out by the government who still receives a half a million dollar pension a year.
Season 1
The team focus on the art world and specifically Meredith Gates, an art collector and dealer who is an expert on the works of Mondrian.
Mickey and the team wreak revenge in the only way they know how after Albert is beaten up.
Con expert Mickey reunites his old team with the promise of one last score.