I.N.K. Invisible Network Of Kids


Christmas Special: Santa Claws

3.0 54 x
It's Christmas. All the children are spending the holidays with their families, except for Vin and Zero. Mr. Soper tasks Macbeth with the preparation of a meal for the kids... He doesn't know that Macbeth HATES Christmas!

Episode 26 Back To The Past

3.0 107 x
Macbeth has great idea! Using a special watch of her own invention, she can travel back in time! By doing so, she manages to discover the identities of the members of INK. But has Macbeth forgotten one important detail?

Episode 25 What's Up Doc?

4.0 85 x
Macbeth invites a mysterious doctor to conduct the Pinkerton children's medical exams. But the exam turns out to have a strange effect: as soon as the children exit the infirmary, they seem to regress back to infants...

Episode 24 Macbeth Feels The Sting

3.0 65 x
Macbeth tinkers with flies: their sting now turns their victims into idiots! But she falls into her own trap!

Episode 23 Lovestruck Stinkbomb

4.0 152 x
It's springtime. Boys chase girls and girls chase boys. Newton watches them all, sadly no one loves him. But that's okay, because he creates a potion and puts it in little round pellets and it makes everyone fall in love!
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