If Walls Could Talk

July 2015

S1 Ep4 - The Kitchen

Expired 3.0 79 x
The Kitchen - The final programme looks at the room we now spend the most money on but was once thought of as the most dirty, dangerous and undesirable room in the house – the kitchen. From baking bread in a Tudor kitchen to spit roasting mutton with a dog to doing a week’s Victorian re-cycling, to trying out 1950’s labour-saving gadgets, Lucy tracks the changes that have turned the kitchen from a room of hard work into the appliance-packed room we know today. (Final) (Ep.4) (From the UK) (Docu...

S1 Ep3 - The Bedroom

Expired 3.0 60 x
The Bedroom - This episode looks at the bedroom, the room which people now think of as one of the most private in the house and yet started for most as a noisy, busy communal space. From spending the night in a Tudor Farm house to re-creating a bedtime ‘bundling’ courtship ritual to being publicly dressed as Queen Caroline in Hampton Court to experiencing the glamour of the 1930’s boudoir, Lucy discovers that birth, marriage and death have all played a big part in the story of the bedroom. (Ep....

S1 Ep2 - The Bathroom

Expired 3.0 75 x
The Bathroom - In the second episode of this fascinating history series presented by Lucy Worsley, chief curator of Historic Royal Palaces, focuses on the Bathroom, a room that didn’t even exist in many British homes until 50 years ago. From the Medieval Bath houses to London Bridge’s communal loos to finding out how piped water got to our homes and finally getting to the bottom of the Crapper myth at Stoke’s Toilet Museum, Lucy tracks how our attitude to washing has changed over the centuries ...
June 2015

S1 Ep1 - The Living Room

Expired 1.5 137 x
The Living Room - Lucy Worsley, chief curator of the historic royal palaces, takes us through 800 years of domestic history by exploring the British home through four rooms, meeting experts and historians on the way. Telling the story of British domestic life from the Middle Ages to the present day through four rooms – the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and the lounge - Lucy examines ever-shifting attitudes to privacy, class, cleanliness and technology. (S.1,Ep.1) (From the UK) (Documentary...