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S1 Ep9 - New Mexico 20:41

S1 Ep9 - New Mexico

3.0 0 x
New Mexico - Zack journeys through New Mexico, aka the Land of Enchantment, where he meets cowboys, a medicine man and a UFO investigator as he attempts to gain insight into the supernatural. The magicians of the past led people to believe they actually had supernatural powers; Zack stage...
S1 Ep8 - Austin 20:41

S1 Ep8 - Austin

3.0 0 x
Austin - Zack goes deep in the heart of Texas, and charms the city of Austin with his latest illusions. He learns the art of fire eating from one of Austin's best magicians, and checks out the city's famous music scene, blowing the minds of some local rockers. Zack battles stage fright un...
S1 Ep7 - New Orleans 20:40

S1 Ep7 - New Orleans

3.0 1 x
New Orleans - Zack hits the heart of the French Quarter and soon discovers that magic means something completely different in the Big Easy, known as "the most haunted city in America". After a ghostly encounter, Zack seeks out the guidance of the Divine Prince, a voodoo priest. Zack delve...
S1 Ep6 - Chicago 20:41

S1 Ep6 - Chicago

3.0 2 x
Chicago - Zack Mirza visits Chicago, once America’s magic Mecca. Unfortunately, when he arrives, there’s barely a trace of the old Chicago left. But he soon discovers that magic is still alive and well in Chi-town: he finds a magician who has performed at the same pub for forty years, and...
S1 Ep5 - Detroit 20:41

S1 Ep5 - Detroit

3.0 2 x
Detroit - Zack heads to Detroit to perform some mind-boggling tricks. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour drenches the city and Zack gets rained out. Luckily for Zack, the world's largest gathering of magicians is taking place in a nearby town called Colon. Zack heads to the self-proclai...
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