Ink Master

August 2020

15. Marathon To The Finale

3.0 45 x
The top four shops battle it out in a tattoo marathon for the three spots in the live finale.

16. Shop Wars Finale

3.0 16 x
The final three shops battle it out for $200,000 and the first ever title of Master Shop.

13. Sell Out

4.5 5 x
The competition puts the old saying `the customer is always right' to the test when the artists must sell themselves to their canvases for the chance to tattoo.

14. Casting The First Stone

3.0 10 x
With the field down to only five shops, the fight for the first title of Master Shop intensifies and in a deity elimination, some shops aim for a high bar while one shop gets sent packing.

11. Grim Inker

3.0 15 x
With no flash challenge, the artists think they've got it all figured out until a massive twist sends them reeling and four Horsemen tattoos bring on the end of days for one pair of artists.

12. Pit Fall

3.0 12 x
A painful elimination tattoo has the artists in the pits and a massive twist sends them reeling.
July 2020

9. Pin-Up Panic Attack

3.0 21 x
The artists can't find any relief in a sculptural flash challenge and things get hairier during the elimination tattoo when the artists face the infamous Pin-Up challenge.

10. Drill Baby, Drill

4.5 12 x
The final veteran shop returns to fight for the first title of Master Shop. Skull picks are key to the precision strike levelled at the opposing alliance.

7. On The Bubble

3.0 14 x
One of the competition's most infamous veterans returns to shake up the game.

8. Masterpiece Mayhem

4.0 9 x
An emotional flash challenge brings the artists to tears and the alliance becomes a target when a bulletproof pair of veterans return to battle it out for the title.