Ink Master Redemption


13. Coach Cleen

4.0 14 x
Artists Ashley Velazquez and Tim Lees return to redeem themselves to two disappointed canvases and Cleen Rock One is called in to help the artists.

12. Declaration Of Ink-Dependence

3.0 12 x
A canvas returns to defend Sarah Miller's political portrait to Christian Buckingham and Megan Jean Morris returns for a shot at redemption with an angry canvas.

11. Birds Of Prey

3.0 22 x
Mark Longenecker and Made Rich return to face two angry canvases with bird tattoos gone wrong and must prove they deserve a second chance.

10. High Anxiety

3.0 17 x
Alex Rockoff is faced with three unhappy canvases and must prove he has what it takes to win back their trust and fix their botched tattoos.

9. Massacred Memorials

3.0 16 x
Artists Jesse Smith and King Ruck return to make amends to their canvases for botched memorial tattoos.

8. Don't Butcher My Baby

4.0 16 x
Artists Keith Diffenderfer and Aaron Is are confronted by angry canvases and their parents and must put their egos aside for a chance at redemption.

7. Master Of Horror

3.5 18 x
Don Peddicord and Sebastian Murphy come back for a shot at redemption on their canvases' dreaded horror tattoos and Ink Master Steve Tefft steps in to help the artists.

6. Road Show

3.0 4 x
Tatu Baby seeks out her past unhappy canvases in their hometowns to prove she deserves a second chance to tattoo them.

4. X-Rated Blunders

3.0 37 x
Miami Burgess and Frank McManus face canvases scarred by tattoos that appear to be X-rated and must prove they deserve the chance to make them right.

2. One Tatt Wonders

3.0 8 x
Damon Butler and Caroline Evans return to make amends to unhappy canvases and tattooing legend Tommy Montoya steps in to ensure they don't make the same mistakes.